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Soft Metal × Ventile gabadine Funnel neck jacket



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SPEC 表面に使用されている素材は日本を代表する合繊織物産地、福井県で50年にわたって自然の情景を織物の視覚効果にどう取入れるか、化合繊と天然繊維との複合織物の開発に力を注いでいる織物を生産している中嶋機業場のオリジナル素材。 「Soft Metal」 縦糸には先染めポリエステルPUを用いてストレッチ性を持たせて、横糸には原着素材のモノフィラ(糸が一本で構成される単繊維)を用いており 紡糸の際に透明な糸にテンションをかけ製作するために金属のようでいて滑らかな光沢感の出る特殊素材。 現時点で世界でHLVTCのみが使用できる特別な素材です。 裏面は第二次世界大戦に英国軍のために開発された撥水素材ベンタイル。 性能はそのままに繊維長の長い綿を用いて高級感のあるつやとしなやかさ、 織り機の密度を限界まで上げて織ることで 綿100%でありながら撥水性能のある丈夫な生地です。 両面とも特注のエクセラファスナーで繋がれており リバーシブルで着用できるだけでなくセパレートでの使用も可能です。 DETAIL フロントを走る最高級エクセラファスナーの輝きが ラグジュアリーながらパンクな印象を与えてくれます。 これでもかと言わんばかりの貴重な生地と素材を用いた HLVTC渾身の一着です。 外気や着用者のプライバシーを保護するファンネルネックを採用。 現代の様々な事象から化学防護服のようにあなたを包み、守ります。 ネック部のゴムは耳にかけてマスクのようにも着用可能。 素材の再調達が難しいためこちらは限定生産になります。 one size 肩幅 61cm 身幅 68cm 着丈 77cm SPEC The material used for the surface is an original material from the Nakashima textile factory, which has been producing textiles for 50 years in Fukui Prefecture, one of Japan's leading synthetic fiber textile production areas, and has been focusing on the visual effect of textiles with natural scenes and the development of composite textiles with synthetic fibers and natural fibers. "Soft Metal". The warp yarn is made of yarn-dyed polyester PU to give it stretchiness, and the weft yarn is made of monofilament (a single fiber consisting of a single yarn) of the original material. The weft is made of monofilament (a single fiber consisting of a single thread) of the original material, and the transparent thread is tensioned during the spinning process to produce a special material that looks like metal but has a smooth luster. This is a special material that only HLVTC can use in the world at present. The reverse side is made of Ventil, a hydrogen-repellent material developed for the British Army in World War II. While maintaining the same performance, we use long-fibered cotton for a luxurious sheen and suppleness. By increasing the density of the weaving machine to the limit, the fabric is made to be water repellent even though it is 100% cotton. It is a strong fabric with water repellency even though it is 100% cotton. Both sides are connected with custom-made EXCELLA zippers. Both sides are connected by custom-made Excella zippers, and can be worn reversibly or separately. DETAIL The shine of the top quality EXCELLA zipper running on the front The shine of the top quality EXCELLA zipper running down the front gives you a luxurious yet punk impression. It is made of the most precious fabrics and materials. It is a piece of Helvetica®︎'s best work. The funnel neck protects the wearer's privacy from the outside air. It wraps around you like a chemical protective suit and protects you from various modern events. The elastic at the neck can also be worn over the ears like a mask. Due to the difficulty in sourcing the material again, this is a limited production. one size Shoulder width 61cm Body width 68cm Length 77cm