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Schoeller Dryskin Dropcrotch trousers


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SPEC schoeller社の機能素材であるDryskinを用いたサルエルパンツ。 撥水性、伸縮性、透湿性に優れております。 脚を大きく開脚することを想定したパターン構造になっており サルエルパンツの弱点を全て克服しております。 左右のポケットは3箇所ずつの収納が可能で荷物がぶつからない構造。 フロント左側にはYKKのlock付きファスナーのポケット。 DETAIL デザイナーがサンプルとして製作し何度も修正を重ねていた サルエルパンツを更に改良し満を辞してのリリースとなりました。 シンプルなようでいてドレープの生まれ方や ポケット位置に至るまで全て計算し尽くされた、 モードなだけ、快適なだけという服を圧倒するパンツです。 動くたびに生まれる生地のゆらぎ、着用を忘れるほどの快適性、 雨を弾く撥水性能と取り外し可能なソックスパーツも相待って 季節を問わず着用者を締め付けず寄り添う服を体感して下さい。 サイズ詳細 ウエスト 78〜104cm 股上 60cm 脇丈 79cm ソックス丈20.5cm 総丈 105.5cm SPEC Schoeller's Dryskin functional material is used for these sarouel pants. It has excellent water repellency, elasticity, and moisture permeability. The pattern structure is designed to allow the legs to be opened wide. All the weak points of sarouel pants are overcome. The left and right pockets are designed to hold three items at a time and to prevent luggage from colliding with each other. A pocket on the left side of the front has a YKK lockable zipper. DETAIL The designer made these as a sample and made many modifications to them. The sarouel pants were made as a sample by the designer and modified many times, and now they are released with great enthusiasm. The drape is simple, but it is very well calculated. The way the drape is created and the position of the pockets have all been calculated to the last detail. These pants are more than just fashionable and comfortable. The fabric fluctuates as you move, and is so comfortable that you may forget you are wearing it. The water repellent performance that repels rain and the removable sock parts also make these pants Experience a garment that will stay close to the wearer regardless of the season without constricting them. Size details Waist 78-104cm Inseam 60cm Armpit length 79cm Sock length 20.5cm Total length 105.5cm